Fracino Barista Kit

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Wooden Filter Handle - High quality and double shot filter handles with wooden handle.

Tamping Mat Rubber tamping mat. This is used to rest your filter holder on whilst tamping coffee; it prevents scratches to work surfaces and marble tops.

Steam/Frothing Jugs Fracino offer a variety of different sizes and types of stainless steel and Teflon coated milk jugs for frothing and steaming your milk.

Shower Plate brush Used for brushing under the group to clean away any dried coffee residue from the shower plate or rubber seal.

Spoon Designed for accurate measurement of ground coffee.

Chocolate Shaker Stainless shaker with perforated top allowing chocolate or cinnamon dust to sprinkle onto the top of your drink. A perfect topping for your cappuccino or latte.

Digital Scales For measuring the weight of your gram throw from the grinder.

Shot Timer The Shot Timer accurately measures the time taken to make the perfect espresso and get the best extraction from your coffee beans.

Thermometer - This thermometer is perfect for showing when your milk has reached the required temperature for your cappuccino or latte drink. It ensures that milk is not overheated.

Filters - Available in a range of sizes (6, 7, 12, 14, 21 grams), the filter is inserted into your filter holder to take the correct amount of coffee. Available in single, double, triple and blank.

Tamper - Use the tampers to compress the coffee grounds that you have dispensed from the grinder.

Shot Pot/Glass - Can be used in conjunction with the shot timer to ensure the perfect espresso and get the best extraction from your coffee beans.