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Organic coffee from SOPACDI Co-operative - Congo

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Origin: SOPACDI Co-operative

Notes: Stewed rhubarb, tangy acidity, peach tea, delicate but complex.

Description: An organic coffee farmed at 1460 masl, naturally washed with a mixed range if varieties.  With notes delivering stewed rhubarb, tangy acidity and peach tea, this coffee is delicate but complex.

SOPACDI, short for; :a Solidarite Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Cafe et Development Integral, is locked in the village of Tsheya-Minova - South Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The SOPACDI Co-operative was established in 2003 under the initiative of Mr. Joachim Munganga Mahemu.  Nowadays, the Co-operative has 7665 members.  SOPACDI aims to empower the smallholders by improving quality, quantity, and by selling their coffee on the international market.  the Co-operative also improves housing and public infrastructure (roads, bridges, health centres and schools). 


About producer:  

Brew Methods: With its tangy acidity, good body and high fruity sweetness, either enjoy as Espresso or Long black. Filtering through an Aeropress or V90 will still deliver a rich coffee and mellow the acidity making it easier to drink.  

250g ground* - please request on each deliver whether you require for cafetière, V60, Espresso or AeroPress.