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by Barista Life ltd Admin

For those who enjoy a good brew at home, here are a few pointers:

Cafetière: The easiest way to make a coffee at home is using a cafetière otherwise known as a French press.  A simple yet enjoyable method to drinking coffee, of course buying good beans makes the difference from drinking what I call dirty water.  The coarse mesh of the filter screen allows a large amount of insoluble bean particles and oils into the cup.  This gives a tremendous amount of body but poor flavour clarity.  Too much coffee and over brewing causes sediment in the coffee which can only be removed by using a paper filter.  

Preheat the press before adding the grounds to prevent any heat loss to the boiling water.  Weigh the grounds then put the press on a scale and add water.  Start the timer and after about 15 - 20 seconds, stir the coffee to deflate the bloom, or frothy layer, on top of the brewing coffee.  Set the lid and press until the lid is sitting just above the surface of the coffee.  Once brewed plunge the filter immediately and serve.

Dose: Every 1g of coffee you add 16g of water.

Grind: Medium to coarse

Temperature: 90 - 96 degrees

Brew time: 4 minutes

Skill required: 5/10


Coffee Dripper: Over the last few year, this method has become the second most popular way to enjoy a clean cup of coffee.  A little more skill is required as there are two processes i) saturating the coffee grind by slowly pouring 50g of hot water causing the coffee to bloom (between 30-60 seconds).  ii) After the bloom, continue carefully pouring water in 100g intervals in small concentric circles, never allowing the coffee to reach an inch below the top of the filter. 

Once you have added the correct volume of water, let the brew finish, discard the grounds and simply enjoy a clean cup of coffee.  It has been said that as acids are filter, the coffee blossoms as it reaches towards room temperature. 

Dose: Every 1g of coffee you add 16g of water.

Grind: Medium to coarse

Temperature: 94 degrees

Brew time: 34 minutes

Skill required: 8/10

Next time we will discuss what is now a challenge in the world barista competitions, the Aeropress!  Possibly my favourite of them all producing the finest of filter coffees.

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