Coffee Capsules

by Barista Life ltd Admin

The growth of coffee capsule are forever increasing however, coffee roasters are forced to promote ethical values by making sure that all materials are recyclable, including capsules.  Barista Life uses aluminium pods and seals making our capsule fully recyclable.  Thankfully the government has forced leading capsule companies to pilot a scheme creating a scheme for the consumer to recycle their pods, therefore not ending up in a landfill.  Please remember to recycle all your pods once they have been used.  Our aim in the new year is to work alongside local recycling firms to construct a scheme encouraging adults and the children of the future to keep recycling.

One main point to also add is that the consumer has to also play strong part to make sure that pods are being recycled.  Companies such as Tandom (Metallurgical Group Ltd) collect used aluminium capsule by the tonne load, and separate the coffee grinds before the aluminium is sent to the furnace.  Once separated, the coffee ground is sold to biofuel companies or mixed into compost for gardening.  Now that you know the story, we hope take that extra care and recycle your coffee pods, but also only buy Aluminium pods.

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