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Organic coffee from Yirgacheffe - Ethiopia

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Origin: Yirgacheffe

Notes: Blackcurrant & rhubarb with medium sweetness.

Description: Arabica

About Ethiopia:  The Birthplace of Arabica coffee.  Coffee from Ethiopia is very unique and considered a fantastic speciality coffee, offering a range of flavours from wine tastes to fruit flavours. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee is soft, with floral tones.

It's been said that Ethiopians keep the best beans for themselves but luckily we can get hold what is known as the worlds most unique and delicious specialty coffee. 

Yirgacheffe coffee is Fruity and acidic with notes of blackcurrant and rhubarb. Low body and medium sweetness making it a very easy coffee to drink.  The YCFU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union) holds the best organic coffee produced by small batch farmers.  The traditional Ethiopian coffee cultivation practices are still dominant among the Yirgacheffe farmers. Coffee trees are managed by hand and fertilized with organic matter.

Brewing Methods:  The aroma of these beans are unforgettable. Enjoy as an espresso, however filter processes such as Aeropress or V90 are also highly recommended.  Steam milk to no more than 55 degrees for a flat white, latte or cappuccino to balance the sugars and prevent the milk from splitting.

250g ground* - please request on each order whether you require for cafetière, V60, Espresso or AeroPress.