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The Espresso Lounge Organic coffee

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Origins: Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Latin America.

Description: Rich complex tones.  An initial fruity punch followed by a smooth chocolatey and nutty finish on the tongue.

About T.E.L:  

Pick yourself up a bag of our signature house blend which has been the backbone of our coffee shop for the last 10 years. From humble beginnings in 2010 with our mobile espresso van, this blend took 6 months to develop to get the balance absolutely perfect. Blends can be tricky to  balance as graders need to understand the history and agricultural properties of each bean prior to marrying them together.  Each coffee producing country has different environmental conditions and soil properties and the fruit itself absorbs these rich minerals.  

Before receiving large quantities of green bean, a sample is first tested by quality control and test equipment.  It is the job of the Q-graders to approve the bean before sending to roast to its profile. 

After roasting the beans must be allowed to rest and the gases to escape before packing and delivering to our suppliers or coffee enthusiasts.  This blend  embodies the passion of our journey and to ensure that all our customers understand it, Barista Life offers professional barista courses to help you improve your skills.

Brewing methods: This bean can be used to make any drink as it produces a wonderful espresso that pairs beautifully with milk. When steaming milk we recommend a maximum temperature of 65'C to balance the sugars in both the espresso and milk. We also offer a cafetière grind as this bean makes a wonderful filter coffee that still packs a flavour punch.